What do the terms SEO, SEM, KEYWORDS and others mean?

SEO - is a short for Search Engine Optimization. It is an optimization of web pages according to the requirements of the search engines. It is a part of marketing strategy through search engines, which refers to the techniques of adapting the web pages to the requirements of web browsers from the aspect of quality positioning a website in natural search results, for certain keywords.

SERPs - is a short for Search Engine Results Pages. The goal is to position a website on the first page of search results, preferably more at the top of search results. Statistics show that over 90 percent of browser users do not go beyond the first page of search results.

PPC - is an abbreviation of Pay Per Click. One of the main characteristics of contextual advertising is to enable advertisers to pay for the effects of advertising, or pay-per-clicks on the ad.

INDEXED PAGES -. The term refers to sites that are listed in the database of individual search engines.

SEM - is short for Search Engine Marketing or marketing related to the search engines.

SEF - is short for Search Engine Friendly – web site adapted to search engines.

KEYWORDS - the words used for searching.

TAGS - tags for HTML tags, such as title tag, alt tag

PR - is short for Google Page Rank – position of the web site on Google

QUERY - search – like search on Google

SPIDER - robots, scripts or a program that visits a site and stores the index in search engines

CRAWL - indexing web pages

BL - is short for Backlinks - links to your site

LINK BUILDING - a term for the service of building links and working on the popularity of the domain

BAN BANNED - a term for a domain that is excluded from the search engine index

ANCHOR TEXT - a text link, click the text to follow a link.

Koparent Joomla Component

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KopaWeb Team created our own new and unique Joomla component - KopaRent.

Koparent application for Joomla CMS system is designed for users who rent any kind of business, privat and tourism real estates


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cms.png Content management system CMS is becoming increasingly popular and KopaWeb offers Joomla based CMS. Joomla is Open Source project and as such is completely free. Joomla community is very large and there are many components and modules that are also free to use which greatly facilitates and accelerates the development of CMS.

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