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seo.png Many people make the fundamental error when creating web pages and only publish it on search engines because they think they no longer have to invest in their website promotion. That mistake often costs more than making the entire site. Web marketing is your representation on the Internet. Our mission and goal is to increase the number of visitors and to increase your profit. In addition to classical advertising and advertising in newspapers, on radio or television, which is expensive and loses its importance, Internet advertising is your best move. The price of making and publishing website is almost negligible compared with the prices of advertising space in newspapers or on television. The Internet is constantly available to all users and, at any time, you can provide your users with fresh news, as well as information about your company's business. In order that the users who search the Internet find your website easier, they should see your ad somewhere, whether on the portals through marketing or through banner advertising on the portals (SEM - Search Engine Marketing). In this way, you directly increase the number of target users who visits your site.

KopaWeb offers several basic as well as advanced webiste promotion packages:

E-mail newsletter marketing


Use your registered users database in a way to offer them an overview of your products or services with the purpose of promotion, increase sales, increased use of your website ... This method of advertising with professional marketing performance can significantly increase your business value and market position. The recipient of such newsletters usually gets special treatment with benefits that are not available to everyone. Ultimately, this approach will indicate to a potential or existing customer that he/she is important for a company, a group or to you personally, and significantly increases the confidence in you. 


Signing to search engines and web catalogs (directories)

We sign up your website to search engines only after we make an analysis of existing sites. When analyzing the site, we make a list of the changes that are necessary for the best indexing of your website on search engines. Registration is done on several major search engines (google.com, yahoo.com, msn.com / live.com, pogodak.hr) and several web directories (dmoz.org, www.hr). For all sites we create we give special discounts because they are pre-adapted for optimization. The largest number of visitors come through search engines, so we think that they are a very importat source because they connect you with customers who have entered some search keywords. Visitors use the web catalogs (directories) in order to find the information by your business type.
It is very important to identify keywords which must be precisely related to your business because the correct keyword will bring you the most visitors. This is a form of marketing that you should not skip. Registration is done only once, and visitors are coming from search engines continuously. The service also includes the indispensable application for Google. 

Advertising on other web sites and portals


We direct advertising your products and services towards a targeted group of people. Ad campaigns on the Internet are visible all over the world so it is a very effective way to expand the number of your customers or partners outside Croatia. If you advertise through our network of advertisers, we offer you a full report of published banners, number of clicks and listings, giving you a complete insight into the statistics. If you are willing to advertise and you have your promotional material, your ad campaign can usually start within 24 hours. 

Link exchange

Exchanging links is a marketing method which can achieve pretty good effect in promoting your website, but proved to be a double-edged sword in the hands of the unskilled who get labeled as spammers by Google and other search engines. In recent years search engines improved their algorithms and web site positioning systems adapted to skillfully avoid all those that use countless links in order to position themselves higher on search engines, and the site falls on all indexes. It is no longer mportant  how many other sites are pointing to your site and exchanging links now has an effect only if the link to your site is on a page with similar content. Some search engines can assign you negative points and rank you lower when your link is located on a lot of thematically unrelated pages. Therefore, our services offer an overview of all exchanged links and their further testing.

Google AdWords advertising program

It is a highly efficient advertising way through Google AdWords program where you pay only for actual click on your ad - Pay per click (PPC)
Google AdWords network represents world's biggest advertising network used by hundreds of domestic and international websites and portals through AdWords interface.
Your ad is situated on the right side of your google results under the topic "Sponsored links" and guarantees you 1. page on your Google search results. 
You can start your own Google AdWords program but for all those who don't own a credit card or are not willing to submit their personal data on Internet, we offer our help and start a campaigne for you.

Who is this for?
- for all web pages which are new and first time signed up on search engines,
- when your page rank isn't sufficient and when your competition is before you,
- if you want more visitors right away.

Which are the benefits?
- showing your ad on the first page of search results, under the category "Sponsored links"
- you can set your ad to the targeted customers (for example, if you want your ad to be seen only by visitors from Germany)
- you can limit your budget, spend as much as you want
- you are charged only when someone clicks on your ad - targeted advertising

Why choose us?
- together, we will create an advertising plan and define targeted market,
- we will help you with advices and creating keywords,
- we will send you statistics and your ad's analasys,
- we use our credit card and you receive a bill for all the costs.

Analasys and reports

Main benefits of Internet marketing are low cost, easy to target advertising content and measurability.

izvjestaji.png For any advertisement or website you can accurately measure the full range of data: the number of visits, the geographical position of those who clicked on the banner, advertisement or link, the number of impressions that result in visits (clicks), number of visits that result in the purchase, the time a visitor spends on each page and the product or the content of the visit after which he decides to leave the site. By incorporating the survey or the system of membership. it is possible to collect additional data on potential customers, which clearly defines the target group that has expressed interest in offer. Additionally, such data can easily track the success and failure of specific marketing campaigns.


Affordable packages and prices

The price of the development can vary and depends on the number of your pages, the way your pages were built, number of keywords and, of course, on the strength of your competition. For more information, please contact us so that we can make a brief analysis of your website. All additional information you can find on the link Packages and prices.

Koparent Joomla Component

logo mali

KopaWeb Team created our own new and unique Joomla component - KopaRent.

Koparent application for Joomla CMS system is designed for users who rent any kind of business, privat and tourism real estates


HNB Exchange rate

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CMS Systems

cms.png Content management system CMS is becoming increasingly popular and KopaWeb offers Joomla based CMS. Joomla is Open Source project and as such is completely free. Joomla community is very large and there are many components and modules that are also free to use which greatly facilitates and accelerates the development of CMS.

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