Terms of use

Tramot d.o.o. Zagreb, provides World Wide Web hosting, location of Internet content, to all users under the general conditions of use.

KopaWeb is bound to provide its users the highest quality service possible for purchased package. In order to provide the users with the best service for purchased packages, KopaWeb continuously, 24 hours a day, uses human and technical resources for monitoring operations of servers and other technical equipment, and their proper and timely maintenance. According to the plan, it expandes hardware capacity and improves the user software.

KopaWeb hosting on its servers has double security, both hardware and software, that is used to back up data located on the server, and doing everything necessary in order to protect these data from unauthorized use by third parties, or loss in the event of technical failure. Notwithstanding the foregoing, KopaWeb hosting assumes no liability for damages due to unauthorized access or a technical malfunction caused by unforeseen or force majeure.

The user uses the services and services at his own risk. KopaWeb hosting gives no warranty and is not responsible for any damage users may suffer with the use of services / service.

User account is solely for the use by its owner. Owners of user accounts are not authorized for resale of leased space, or providing web hosting services to third parties on the leased premises. Web hosting services are defined as: enabling third parties to keep their web content on a single account that do not own. The exception to this rule includes: banners, ads and personal ads.

KopaWeb hosting reserves the right to deny or revoke access to users of any service in the case it estimates that the service is not used appropriately.

KopaWeb hosting reserves the right to refuse service and / or access to anyone on the basis of its own evaluations.

Any over-exploitation of resources and damage to servers or other users is strictly forbidden and will lead to the determination of the user's server without prior notice. The user agrees to the space that is available to be used in a way that does not compromise the available resources or other users of the system as a whole.

A gross violation of rules has resulted in the determination of the user's server without prior notice. KopaWeb hosting is not responsible for any damage or claim that may occur to the user's failure to comply with these rules. The user agrees to compesate KopaWeb hosting all the eventual costs to third parties arising from the improper use of services.

Customers can cancel service at any time. Fees that are paid, KopaWeb hosting is under no obligation to repay.

Users pay KopaWeb hosting services on the basis of offers and invoices. Invoices for services are delivered to customers until 20. of the month for the month ahead. The user is obligated to pay amounts until 25. in the month when the KopaWeb hosting invoice is delivered. In the case of non payment, warnings will be sent to the user. If the user even after warning does not meet his obligations, seven days after posting the warning, KopaWeb hosting will block the user account.

The service begins with the date of setting up the account on the KopaWeb hosting server.

registered domains are used according to the rules of the same registrant.

KopaWeb hosting assumes no liability for content posted on sreveru by the user. In the event that the user set the contents of the server that is not lawful or permitted, it will be immediately removed and the user package frozen.

Facilities and activities that are not allowed:

Illegal material - copyrighted works, commercial audio, video or music files, and any other material that is contrary to the legislation.

Warez - Pirated software, Emulators, phreaking, hacking, breaking the password. Includes sites that publish links on these materials and / or instructions on how they are used.

Spam - unsolicited emails sent to multiple addresses. Equally, it is not allowed to send such messages to Usenet newsgroups.

By ordering any package, the user declares to have read and understood the general terms of use, and to accept these conditions.

Koparent Joomla Component

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KopaWeb Team created our own new and unique Joomla component - KopaRent.

Koparent application for Joomla CMS system is designed for users who rent any kind of business, privat and tourism real estates


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CMS Systems

cms.png Content management system CMS is becoming increasingly popular and KopaWeb offers Joomla based CMS. Joomla is Open Source project and as such is completely free. Joomla community is very large and there are many components and modules that are also free to use which greatly facilitates and accelerates the development of CMS.

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