Creating Windows Applications


In its range of services, KopaWeb also offers a development of Windows desktop applications.
Windows applications and scripts are created strictly according to the agreement with a client, and therefore every application is unique and fully adapted to each client's needs.


The offer also includes maintenance of existing (if any source code exists), upgrading of existing (if there is also the source code), as well as the development of new applications involving the following purposes:


  • databases including simple (libraries, video libraries, ...) as well as complicated (MySQL, MS Access, MS SQL, Oracle,...)
  • educational programs
  • MS Access applications
  • syncronizing data from local database to online database and vice versa
  • MS Excel calculations and formulas, as well as creating Macro scripts izračuni i formule, te izrada Macro skripti
  • and many others...

KopaWeb Team consists of several experts in their field of business, and therefore we can offer the servise of creating and maintaining Windows applications in following technologies:

  • Applications in C ++
  • win_aplikacije_3.png
  • Applications in VB
  • Applications in C#
  • Applications in XAML
  • WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation) Applications
  • Upgrade or optimization of MS SQL 2000 / 2005 database
  • Upgrade or optimization of MySQL database
  • Upgrade or optimization of Oracle database
  • Upgrade or optimization of MS Access forms application
  • MS Excel Macro scripts
  • Batch windows scripts


Lately the most popular are database migrations from existing databases into new database or data synchronization, on the Internet as well as local databases. Migration itself is in agreement with the client and his wishes (which table, what data, how to execute the script).

Unlike the data migration, synchronization is performed by the user's needs and can go in both directions. In collaboration with the client we make synchronization scripts that read certain information, and are updated with information on the Internet, and vice versa. Save time that may be used in many other things by implementation of synchronization scripts on your system.


Short descriptrion, pictures and the way of using KopaWeb windows applications you can find in our portfolio

Price of creating a Windows application or script depends mostly on the complexity of the project. To find out the price of upgrading or creating Windows applications, or scripts, please contact us using the contact form on the website or send us a request via e-mail address. All contact information can be found on the Contact link

Koparent Joomla Component

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KopaWeb Team created our own new and unique Joomla component - KopaRent.

Koparent application for Joomla CMS system is designed for users who rent any kind of business, privat and tourism real estates


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CMS Systems

cms.png Content management system CMS is becoming increasingly popular and KopaWeb offers Joomla based CMS. Joomla is Open Source project and as such is completely free. Joomla community is very large and there are many components and modules that are also free to use which greatly facilitates and accelerates the development of CMS.

WEB pages SEO services WIN applications
  • Website development
  • Website design
  • Website maintanence
  • Photoshop design into HTML
  • Search engine optimization
  • Internet marketing
  • CMS and Web shop
  • Website Hosting
  • Domain purchase and activation
  • Custom made solutions
  • Keywords research
  • Content optimization
  • Programming optimization
  • Profit markets
  • Directory listing
  • Applying to search engines
  • Google PageRank
  • Result monitoring
  • Monthly reports
  • SEO counseling
  • Upgrade of existing applications
  • Migrations and syncronizations
  • Programming in C#,C++,VB,...
  • Reports
  • Optimization of relation databases
  • Programming code optimization
  • Unique windows applications
  • MS Access applications
  • MS Excel Macro scripts
  • Batch windows scripts