Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Few examples of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about Domain Name Registration

Who can register a domain?

There is a difference between .hr domain and all other domains.

.hr domain can be registered by companies, tradesmen and self-employed. There are few more complications and rules, but it is also free (except which costs approximately 180kn for the first year of use, 150kn for each additional year of use). Regulation has approx. sixty pages and can be read here.

Domains .com, .net, .org, .info, .biz can be registered by anyone if the domain is available. The only requirement for registration of a domain is an annual payment.

In either case, contact us, you will get the cheapest and fastest service.

Am I the owner of the domain name you register for me?


We register domain names on your behalf or on behalf of your client. The domain is entirely owned by you or owned by your client, we just solve the paperwork and the procedure for registering a domain, and we are listed as the administrative and technical contact person.

Which domains can I register and what do they mean?

Domains .hr,, .com, .net, .org, .biz, .info are domains which you can register if they are free. In case you want to register some other domains like .eu, .de, .it and similar, please contact us directly through our contact e-mail, contact form or by phone so that we can inform you if this registration is possible with our mediation.

.hr domain is free and can be registerd by a company

.com domain is still the most used one and is owned by the most clients in the world. .com is actually short for commercial and is mainly used for commercial presentation.

.net domain is used mainly by institutions who provide network services

.org domain is used by organizations, user groups...

.biz domain represents business domains

.info domain represents domains for providing product information, company info, concept, ideas...

What is the difference between a private person and a company?

Company and a private person can register .hr domain as well as .com, .hr, .com, .biz, .net, .org, .info domains. In addition, private person is obliged by certain rules when registering .hr domain. You can find a rule book of about 60 pages here.

What is the procedure and how much does it take to register a domain?

There is a difference between .hr and all other domains.


Domain .hr
Carnet registera a new domain after receipt of completed and signed application (in the name of your company, business, association, or as an individual - see rule book here ) and we (who give "consent" for you to host your domain on our servers). The total process takes about seven days - you fulfill your part of the form that you send us via regular mail, and we fill our part and then send the forms to Carnet, which approves the request.


Domains .com, .org, .net, .biz, .info
The new domain will be registered immediately upon receipt (or payment) of your application, but because the DNS cache needs the time to process and refresh the content for your domain, newly registered domain name will "work through" completly a few hours upon registration. The same happens when you change the nameserver (hosting house). Therefore, during the transition to a new hosting, you make DNS changes for your domain first, and cancel the old hosting two days later.  

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